The Netherlands ranked 6 in the World competitiveness ranking 2018

The Netherlands is the third-most competitive European economy and the sixth-best globally (82.4) according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). The Netherlands scored particularly well on institutions, openness of the economy and the quality of education. However, compared to 2017 the Netherlands dropped two places on the global ranking and the Netherlands scores relatively low when it comes to innovation.

Compared to “super innovators” in the ranking such as Germany, the United states and Switzerland, the Netherlands stays behind in Innovation capacity and IT innovations. The diversity of the workforce is low and there is a shortage of highly educated talents, especially in the light of upcoming disruptive technologies such as Artificial intelligence, 3D printing, blockchain, bigdata and robotics. According to the World Economic Forum structural investments in talent development, education and innovations are required to establish sustainable growth of the world economy.

Nuffic’s recent report “Stayrate of international students in the Netherlands” shows that there is a mismatch between international talents graduated from Dutch universities and the Dutch job market. Only 25% percent of the international graduates stay to live and work in the Netherlands after graduation. This percentage should rise according to Nuffic and the Netherlands should make more effort to retain international talent.

Talent4NL aims to bridge this skills gap through coaching and training of international talents in preparing for their career in the Netherlands and by creating awareness amongst employers of the added value of internationals as a driver for innovation and competitiveness.

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