What ours formers talents say about us

“The sessions with Talent4NL really made a difference! They were tailored to my needs and goals, and the perspective was always practical. Within two months after the last session, I was offered a project officer position at an NGO, exactly what I envisioned at the beginning of my career coaching with Talent4NL”

Student individual coaching sessions, Finland

“The coaching sessions were energetic, creative and tailored to your every need. After three intense sessions I left inspired with loads of new ideas on how to excel at networking, identify the key aspects that employers are looking for, and how to prepare for job applications and interviews.”

Student summer school coaching sessions Life Sciences

“A very positive experience which made a good match with my expectations. I would recommend it to anyone who is stuck somewhere in the process of “vision->jugdement->decision making”, as well as to someone who has gone through it all and searches for practical solutions for well-defined problems. The approach of the coach is highly personal, so anyone can make his/her own best out of it!”

Student summer school coaching sessions Life Sciences

“The Talent4NL Intercultural Career Coaching sessions provided me with invaluable insight into the Dutch employment process as well as the cultural differences from my background that I need to take into consideration. I feel that I have gained confidence, clarity and more certainty when it comes to my future career aspirations and I now understand more about the process of how to achieve these goals in the future.”

Student summer school coaching sessions Life Sciences

“During the sessions it was really helpful to analyse the work values and skills, since it will help me develop a more accurate self-description for the CV and the LinkedIn profile, as well as in the interviews.”

student summer school coaching sessions Life Sciences

“I believe even very experienced employees with higher degrees can find something useful in the coaching sessions. Hiring is a dynamic process which will have different elements in every age and era, so I think people need coaching no matter what their age or level of experience is. On my part, the sessions were definitely eye-opener. It also allowed me to self-reflect and work on my weaker sides”

student summer school coaching sessions Life sciences