Cross-cultural career coaching

Target group

International students at the end of their studies or recently who want to explore their career opportunities and raise their chances on finding a job in the Netherlands.


Master level

Entry requirement

Bachelor degree


Not applicable

Assessment, examinations and tests

No assessment, examinations or final test included

Course objectives

Upon completion of this program, you will have improved your knowledge and understanding of the Dutch job market and the Dutch working culture.

Furthermore you have developed your skills and professional profile. This program contributes to a successful start on the Dutch job market!

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify the opportunities for international graduates on the Dutch labour market in terms of sectors and types of organizations
  • Be aware of the differences between Dutch working culture and the working culture in the country of origin
  • Be aware of your talents and be able to demonstrate it with examples
  • Pitch your professional ambitions in various situations and using various tools
  • Present yourself during a job interview
  • Describe which rules and regulations you have to comply with in order to work in the Netherlands


  • Optimized CV and motivation letter for vacancies in the Netherlands
  • Activated professional network in the Netherlands
  • Increased success when applying for jobs in the Netherlands!

Course format

3 individual coaching sessions of 1,5 hours

Study load

Total of 12 hours:

  • 4,5 hours for sessions
  • 7,5 hours for preparation

Content of the coaching session

  • Session 1: Job search strategy and professional profile – ambition, profile, pitch, planning and organization of the job search
  • Session 2: Intercultural & personal competences and how to use it for an optimal match with the work culture and position, effective networking
  • Session 3: Pitch/presentation and interview

Course materials

Participants receive course materials at the start of the session


Participants receive a certificate of attendance after attending the 3 sessions