Many international students leave the Netherlands after graduation

Even though the number of international students in the Netherlands increases, the stayrate of internationals in the Netherlands drops from 29.3% (2006) to 22.27% (2012) according to Nuffic in their report “stayrate of international students”.

The report shows that on average 25% of all international students graduated from Dutch institutions between 2006 – 2013 is still in the Netherlands, 75% left the Netherlands and is working and living elsewhere. Especially right after graduation many international students leave the Netherlands. Considering the growth of the Dutch economy it is expected that the number of students that stays in the Netherlands will rise “But we do have to make more efforts to show students that they are welcome and inform them about the chances on the Dutch job market” according to NUFFIC director Freddy Weima.

According to students organization ISO there should be more efforts to retain international talent. From an earlier survey it shows that internationals often feel lonely, struggle to deal with the Dutch culture and have a hard time finding a student job. “The minister wants to attract and retain talent. It is a pity to see so many of them still leave the country, we fail at retaining them” according to the chairman Tom van den Brink.

Talent4NL aims to bridge the gap between international talent and the Dutch job market. International talent is important for the Netherlands, we cannot afford to lose so many well trained young professionals. Our cross-cultural career coaching focusses on nearly or recently graduated international students who are looking for their first job in the Netherlands. Making this first step successfully gives international young professionals a perspective on a long-term career in the Netherlands.

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