Claire’s career tip for internationals: develop yourself and get yourself a career coach!

I perceived during my PhD time that a lot of fellow students were only busy with the here and now and not so much with the future. A lot of international students don’t know that there is something like a career coach and that is a shame!


  • Originally from France
  • Has been in the Netherlands for 4 years
  • MSc University of Bordeaux PhD Westerdijk
  • Fungal Biodiversity Institute

I am a microbiologist. Biology is quite a small sector and the Netherlands has more opportunities in biology compared to other countries like France, so I chose to do my PhD here.

During my PhD I was constantly developing myself and busy with job orientation. I was always considering, ‘What do I want to do in the future?’ I got my own career coach. Then I went to workshops about networking and CV checks, and I also did a test about my personality. Those things really helped me be confident about myself during my job interviews.

During my PhD, I noticed many fellow students were only busy with the here and now but not so much with the future. I was already focusing on my career path, and had already completed professional development workshops and personality tests. I asked for a career coach.  Many international students don’t know there are career coaches available to them, and that is a shame.

So summing up: Start with thinking about your future career path, develop yourself by attending workshops and network meetings, practice job interviews, and get yourself a career coach!