Talent4NL celebrates 1 year of intercultural career coaching for international talents

Retaining international talent for the Netherlands is a topic that currently receives a lot of attention in Dutch media. Recent figures by NUFFIC show that less than 25% of the international students graduated from Dutch Higher Education Institutions stay in the Netherlands to work. According to Nuffic director Freddy Wiema “[internationals] contribute to the quality of our education through the international classrooms, while they are also an economic asset to our knowledge economy and treasury. For this reason, we must create the right conditions and make joint efforts actually to retain this talent here.”

Despite these facts, Roos Nieuwenhuis and Maggy Ovaa, noticed In their daily work at Utrecht University/University Medial Center Utrecht, that internationals struggle with their job search in the Netherlands. Internationals are often not fluent in often Dutch, they are not familiar with the Dutch job market and their network in the Netherlands is limited, which makes it harder for internationals to find a job. This was the reason for Roos and Maggy to launch Talent4NL, today exactly one year ago.

During the first year Talent4NL has developed a cross- cultural career programme to support internationals in their job search in the Netherlands. This programme is now extended with an intercultural on-boarding programme that enables internationals to make a successful start with their Dutch employer. The ultimate aim of talent4NL is to bridge the skills gap between internationals and the Dutch job market.