Talent4NL bridges the gap between international talent and Dutch employers

Finding a job or starting in a first job in the Netherlands can be challenging for international talents, amongst others because they lack knowledge on how to enter the Dutch job market and how to start in a Dutch working environment. On the other hand The Netherlands is in need of talented young professionals, with more than at 250.000 unfilled vacancies.

By offering job hunting support to international talents, by making a match between international talents and Dutch employers and by offering retention programs for internationals that have started their first job in the Netherlands, Talent4NL contributes to bridging the gap between international talents and Dutch employers.

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Are you an international talent exploring job opportunities in the Netherlands? Talent4NL makes a huge difference to your job hunt in the Netherlands through our personal job hunting support.

We know how to overcome the struggles that international talents face in their job search in the Netherlands and we bring energy and fun back in your job search process. We ensure that you are applying for roles that are right for you and to navigate where and how to find suitable jobs. We support you in creating a stunning CV, in optimizing your LinkedIn profile and in writing convincing cover letters that get you invited for interviews. You become an effective networker and you will create a networking strategy based on your current connections and needs. You practice your pitch for networking and interviews with us and we support you in finalizing the details of your labour agreement.

What is the result?

Our evaluations show that international talents after our job hunting programme typically:

  • Tell us that the job hunting programme has helped them in finding the right roles and in getting hired by an employer
  • Feel more confident and energized in their job hunting process
  • Start making use of their network in a different and more effective way

“The sessions with Talent4NL really made a difference! They were tailored to my needs and goals, and the perspective was always practical. Within two months after the last session, I was offered a project officer position at an NGO, exactly what I envisioned at the beginning of my career coaching with Talent4NL”

Student individual coaching sessions, Finland

“The coaching sessions were energetic, creative and tailored to your every need. After three intense sessions I left inspired with loads of new ideas on how to excel at networking, identify the key aspects that employers are looking for, and how to prepare for job applications and interviews.”

Student summer school coaching sessions Life Sciences

I would recommend it to anyone who is stuck somewhere in the process of “vision->jugdement->decision making”, as well as to someone who has gone through it all and searches for practical solutions for well-defined problems. The approach of the coach is highly personal, so anyone can make his/her own best out of it!”

Student summer school coaching sessions Life Sciences

“The Talent4NL Intercultural Career Coaching sessions provided me with invaluable insight into the Dutch employment process as well as the cultural differences from my background that I need to take into consideration. I feel that I have gained confidence, clarity and more certainty when it comes to my future career aspirations and I now understand more about the process of how to achieve these goals in the future.”

Student summer school coaching sessions Life Sciences

“During the sessions it was really helpful to analyse the work values and skills, since it will help me develop a more accurate self-description for the CV and the LinkedIn profile, as well as in the interviews.”

student summer school coaching sessions Life Sciences

“I believe even very experienced employees with higher degrees can find something useful in the coaching sessions. Hiring is a dynamic process which will have different elements in every age and era, so I think people need coaching no matter what their age or level of experience is. On my part, the sessions were definitely eye-opener. It also allowed me to self-reflect and work on my weaker sides”

student summer school coaching sessions Life sciences

Our offer

We offer various individual job hunting support packages for international talent in the Netherlands. We always start with an intake to get to know each other and learn more about your situation and your needs. Based on the intake and the package you opt for your job hunting coach will suggest a career orientation plan.

Do you want more information about the packages? Are you curious how we can support you in your job hunt or do you have a general question? Fill out our contact form or send us an e-mail.


Attracting and retaining talent is crucial in the current market. Talent is scarce and finding the right candidate for the job is becoming more and more challenging.

Every year many internationals graduate from Dutch universities or international highly skilled candidates move to the Netherlands. However, they struggle to connect with the Dutch job market. Talent4NL encourages employers to consider qualified international candidates and we can help employers to attract and retain international talent to increase the capacity and productivity of your organization.

Attracting international talent

Do you have a vacancy and would you consider to hire an international young professional to fullfill the position? We can match talents in our talent pool to your organization.

Through our intensive job hunting support Talent4NL gets to know the ambitions and skills of a large number of international talents with various backgrounds and native languages. Therefore we can match the right candidate with the available position.

Interested and you would like to know more about our services?

Talent retention programme

After you have hired a new international employee it is vital to invest in their integration in the new work environment to increase their happiness and productivity. Through coaching on the job of the candidate we enable a soft landing in the job an integration in your organization. That we we can assure your new international employees make a smooth start in the Netherlands.

Talent4NL offers workshops “Finding your way in the Netherlands” & personal support at the start of the job through one on one coaching.

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About us

At Talent4NL we understand the struggles that international talents face when searching for a job in the Netherlands and at the start in a new working environment. As experts in international talent and international higher education,  we believe in global competition and internationalisation as a driver for quality and innovation. Our experience has led us to determine the skills, expectations of the Dutch labour market, and the added value of international graduates that makes them more appealing for employers and the essentials to ensure a smooth start in a Dutch working environment.

Talent4NL offers job hunting support for international talent to increase their chances on the Dutch job market and assists employers to attract and retain international talent.


Maggy Ovaa

Maggy Ovaa

Maggy has 20 years of experience in Internationalization of Higher Education in different roles. She started as a student mobility advisor, worked as Head of the International Office and as strategic advisor for international affairs. She has extensive experience with coaching of international talent and she is a believer in the quality of diverse and international teams.

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Dutch universities attract an increasing number of international students. For international students employabillity is a key factor in their decision to study abroad. However, internationals have different needs and struggles than Dutch students so the regular career services often don’t match with the expectations and needs of the international student population. Therefore it is important to invest in tailored career orientation for international students.

Talent4NL offers incompany workshops and coaching for universities, student associations and other organizations tailored to international talent. Our workshops focus on the essential steps in the job hunt in the Netherlands with a clear focus on the challenges international talents may face such as language, networking and the dutch working culture.

Career workshops

Talent4NL offers workshops to support international talents in their career orientation and preparation for the job market. Topics include:

  • Personal career strategy
  • Personal Branding
  • CV and motivation letter
  • Linkedin4Internationals
  • Effective professional networking
  • Vacancy search
  • Interview preparation
  • Fringe benefits and negotiating the deal

The workshops are only offered inhouse through universities and student associations.

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